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As one of the biggest providers of reused wood pallets, SlydeExpress Pallets doesn’t simply sell pallets. We likewise purchase pallets for reusing and reuse.
Regardless of whether you’re a retailer or maker searching for pallet removal, pallet reusing, pallet expulsion, or exactly how to sell your pallets, contact SlydeExpress Pallets through the structure above or by calling 1-888-759-3339.

The advantages of offering your pallets to SlydeExpress Pallets include:


Everything stacked on a SlydeExpress Pallets trailer is tallied and reviewed.

Pallet Management at its simplest form.

Our way to deal with purchasing pallets is simplifying the interaction for merchants, from assembling to retail. We have neighborhood and public record groups that work intimately with vendors to give arrangements that incorporate pallet recovery planned on occasion helpful for you, keeping your docks clear, and developing your pallet deals pay.

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